Tuesday, October 7, 2008

CDJ-400 and DJM-600 Review

Pioneer CDJ-400 Information & Features

The CDJ-400’s cosmetic design is simple and compact yet elegant with all of its various controls and features located directly on top of the unit.

USB Integration and MP3 Playback
The CDJ-400’s cosmetic design is simple and compact yet elegant with all of its various controls and features located directly on top of the unit. A USB port found on the face of the player allows DJs to play their MP3 music collection from a wide variety of portable music devices such as thumb drives, MP3 players or external hard drives. With the use of a multi-function selector knob/button and its large, bright, dot-matrix LCD display, locating and accessing of files from these types of music devices as well as MP3 music files on CD and CD-R/RW through the CD slot are done with a turn and press of the knob.

DJ Software Compatibility and MIDI Control
With more of today’s DJs utilizing different DJ software for their performances, the CDJ-400 is also equipped with a PC mode. In this mode, the CDJ-400 is a native controller for software such as Pioneer DJS2 computer software and SERATO® Scratch LIVE3. For example, the movement of the pitch slider on the CDJ-400 can control the pitch slider on the computer software and no timecode CD is required for audio control. The player can also act as a MIDI controller where the user can assign virtually every button on the player to trigger functions of various DJ software programs.

World’s First Scratch Jog Effect
A highlight and an advancement of the CDJ-400 is its scratching capability. In addition to traditional “vinyl” mode scratching, Pioneer implemented the World’s First Scratch Jog Effect. Three highlighted buttons, each assigned to a special effect, Bubble, Trans and Wah, creates unique scratching sound effects that can be enabled by the DJ on the fly. A “hold” button was also added to retain the different effects throughout the session or until its release, which can also be triggered at any point of play.

Additional features in the CDJ-400 include:

• Digital Loop functions: A variety of loops can be created for additional audio effects
o Beat Loop: Automatically creates four beat loop based on the beats per minute (BPM) of music currently being played
o Loop Divide: Rhythmically divides the loop in halves to create different patterns
o Hot Loop: Restarts the loop seamlessly from its entry without interruption of the music
• Digital Jog Break: In CD mode the CDJ-400 contains three effects, Jet, Roll and Wah, which further enhances the audio by simply rotating the jog dial. The same buttons for the Scratch Jog Effect are assigned to the Digital Jog Break which are accessible at any point of play
• Tempo Control: Four tempo modes, ±6%, ±10%, ±16% and WIDE4, provide additional speed control with a resolution of 0.02% in the 6% range
• Cue/Loop Points: Up to 10 cue/loop points per disc, for up to 920 discs can be stored in memory
• Jog Indicator: A break in the red halo illumination around the jog wheel provides instantaneous feedback to the DJ
• Customizable Jog Wheel: The top of the jog wheel can be removed enabling the user to add their own customized image
• Digital Output: A digital output is available for a direct connection for clearer sound to a connected mixer
• Resume Function: The function takes effect if a CD is ejected accidentally. Once the DJ re-inserts the disc, it automatically starts playing from exactly the point where it stopped

Pioneer DJM-600 Information & Features

Pioneer DJM600 Professional DJ Mixer W/Sampler
With an impressive range of powerful effects, including auto filter, delay, echo, auto pan, auto transformer, flanger, pitch shifter, reverb and send and return for external effects, the system provides the DJ with all the tools for creating a wide spectrum of exciting and individual sounds.

* Auto BPM Counter
* Auto Beat Sampler
* Auto Beat Effector
* 4 stereo input channels with 3phono 3line and 1line/CD switchable channel
* Independent mic channel XLR input with separate EQ section talk over switch
* Headphone split cueing
* Fader start play
* Separate 3band equalizer for each channel
* 3 types of crossfader curve adjustments
* Balanced and unbalanced XLR/RCA outputs plus a booth monitor output and record output

Auto BPM Counter:

* Auto BPM counter automatically counts displays and tracks BPM a tap button helps with difficult BPMs and a visual readout of a tracks tempo helps to merge one song into another smoothly

Auto Beat Sampler:

* Auto Beat Sampler allows you to sample your favorite sources and play them back easily at the touch of a button
* Sampler BPM is measured digitally and recorded exclusively for designated beats
* Sampler standby mode automatically starts and stops recording in response to the presence and absence of input signal and achieves the correct sampling with perfect timing
* Three sampling playback modes: 1 Single play plays back the recorded sound once only when the button is being pressed; 2 Loop Play plays back the recorded sound repeatedly when the button is pressed; 3 Stretch loop play extends or shortens the recorded sound in accordance with the mixed tracks BPM and plays back the sound repeatedly

Auto Beat Effector:

* Linked to BPM the DJM600 can add effects to each mixer channel and master output independently
* Produce music that makes full use of highlevel DJ techniques by performing quick setting with the Beat Unit Switch button adjusting the precise time parameters or controlling the balance between the effect sounds and the original sounds by varying the mix ratio
* Using the fader it is also possible to leave just the effect sounds without linking to BPM
* Delay effect repeats a sound once with an adjustable tempo
* Echo repeats a sound several times with an adjustable tempo
* Auto Pan automatically shifts the sound to the right and left and is also capable of short auto pan sequences that would be impossible via manual operation
* Auto Trans periodically cuts the sound
* Auto Filter periodically varies the sound color
* FLANGER: Periodically reproduces a sound effect resembling a jet airplane ascending and descending.
* Reverb reproduces a reverberating sound effect
* Pitch shifter allows the interval to be freely varied throughout a range of /1 octave You can compensate for interval changes when using analog turntables or for tempo changes when different makers CD players are used
* External Effects Input send/return connects the mixer to an external effector or sampler of your choice
* Size: 123/8"w x 43/16"h x 14"d.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Merdeka Session @ Rum Jungle Ipoh

That particular night was splendid hanging out with school mate. Thinking of what our old patriot did to defend of motherland, and indeed we thank you for your sacrifice. Here are some picture what happen that night;

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Enjoy the new mix thanx...feel free to comment it...

Monday, June 30, 2008

New Mix from Dj Novtech Enjoy

Enjoy The Mix...Feel free to comment so that i can improve myself...tq

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mix at 4.30AM

This mix i did it at 4.30AM witout any rest so if hear alot of mistake, just let it be u all know wat happens if someone doesnt get enough sleep...so enjoy the music...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Now Open Euphoria@Sunway

What a blast this year will be the best of the best out of last last year because now we can compete with other country...Why i say this is because

Euphoria Brought By Ministry Of Sound is here in MALAYSIA it is located at Sunway. It will officially open on 02.07.2008. The crowd will be huge more than Zouk, Cyna, Loft or many more. Come down and join the celebration brought by MOS for YOU. Enjoy the opening don't forget bring your passion for music and happiness.

Resident DJs
Patrick Oliver
Dj Nesh
Ian Ross
Victor G

Open 7day A Week full of House, Electro and Trance the best of the best music in town

more info @ www.euphoria.com..my

Monday, June 2, 2008

Event: Alex M.O.R.P.H@Maison KL

Alex M.O.R.P.H
Live@Maison KL

Pre Sale Ticket:RM30 + 1 drink

Door Sale: RM 40 Ladies RM 50 Guys

-Wondering about how is alex morph??Heres some of who's and who is ALEX MORPH-

With gigs all over the globe and an impressive array of highly respected productions, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is one of todays most wanted producers/remixers in the uplifting trance genre. He made over 80 Remixes for fellow artists and released more than 30 own productions as well as big collaborations, which all found their way into the record boxes of the worlds top jocks, like Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren or Above & Beyond, to name a few.
He always tries to show his versatility in multiple aspects, including a well-known radioshow (HeavensGate) and a stunning solo artist debut album coming soon. Bringing the most upfront trance music imaginable in his sets, Alex M.O.R.P.H. is able to make a crowd go wild any time. He also teams up with Woody van Eyden to perform legendary Back2Back sets the people wont forget too soon - if ever...
Even the worlds most credible magazine for dance music (M8 Mag) supported them with a covermounted Christmas CD in December 2006, mixed by Alex & Woody. Furthermore, their weekly radioshow HeavensGate is broadcasted on a worlwide network of radiostations, such as Sunshine Live, BFBS Radio/Sky Digital or Kiss FM Ukraine.
In 2007 his growing popularity becomes obvious by climbing up the DJ Mag list (Rank 119). Gigs at Mayday Poland, productions with Paul van Dyk (Get Back, In Circles) and Woody van Eyden (I Love Trance) and remixes for high profile DJs/producers like the czech no 1 DJ Michael Burian (Wacker Drive) proof that Alex M.O.R.P.H. doesn't plan to rest in 2008.
For futher information visit www.mash.com.my

Friday, May 30, 2008


first of all for those people who didnt get a chance to go to the event you just missed the biggest event in malaysia since tiesto Pit Party even that event cant beat PD Element Of Life. This event compose of three element - Sea, Sun, And Sand the three element that are needed in an event. But skip the lecture about 101 how to organize an event right?

We'll start based on tiesto 9-5-2008;

For me tiesto on the first day aint that blast cause he's like tryin to see how we, us malaysian move to his songs. For the first set of his mix he use a lot of new songs from his upcoming album one that some of us neva heard-off but then we chill listen to the music moved to the music skip that i wanna talk about the second set this is the fun comes in...For the second set tiesto used all of his most TOP HITS song, such as TRAFFIC,LETHAL INDUSTRY(RICHARD DURAND MIX),PIRATES, AND MANY MORE...But the still the best song for the night is still ELEMENT OF LIFE wouldnt u all agree wif me?? for the last set of the night he use some old song from his previous album n other djs album... that night was the best experience for me cause where can you find an event that consume of cool breeze of beach air when your partying??please tell me...cause that was my first experience of cool breeze of fresh air from the sea. Me and the group headed back to our apartment like 2.30 or so cause wanna avoid the road block or any authorities. For the aftaparty was a blast it stated like 3 or 4 oclock like that in finish at 7 in the morning. The most best thing was, we were partying and there was the sunrise OMG..

Here are some picture from the party

For 10-5-2008

For the second day is just pretty much the same but there were some problem at the entry gate. pretty much the event havnt thought of the second day would be flooded wif people from around the asia for the event. So when they re-open the gate they had many problem such as people from the 1st day wanna do a re-entry its hard because new comer and old comer collide in the same row and space..supposedly for me i would open another gate for those who are new comers, then i would be crowded. Then another problem was the body check haiyo!!!!!~~~ they tighten the security because in the first day approximately 500 people got caught because overdose on Ecstasy for me i would agree on the police for catching this kind of people cause they can ruined ur day by vomiting on u or make ur life more burden to take care of them all those kind of sort thing can burden u on an event, think about it. So for the body check they let 10 people for each time of body check some people got to take off their shoe jus to do the body check WTF is that ur just making it more worse and late. People are getting high and more high by hearing songs from cosmic gate...BUT FOR FAR MOST EXTREME IS THE LAST SONG FOR TIESTO IS *ADVANCED* BY MARCEL WOOD

So as far am i concern this event was a blast..so please do comment...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Some of the best song in clubs

For me there some of the song in club is kinda bored and it have been repeat for some time now so i give u some new trend to the clubbing life style..

Axwell - Let It Go
- Get Dumb
Mauro Picotto - Funkytime
Kortezman feat. Rozalla - Everybody Free
Dirty South - Such a Freak

this is some of the song that i listen to, for further more songs just wait up until i have the heart...

Beginner DJ

as far as im concern im still new to this section for bein a Disc Jockey aka DJ...so im still noob in mixing song hoping to learn more from upcomin rise DJ from Malaysia or even the world...hope to learn more from them so that i could train myself to be perfect in mixing, so far i have no prob in mixing normal music just insert the song n mix..im jus a mobile dj i take my equipment everywhere i go im using a NEC versa laptop + Behringer BCD3000 i guess thats gud enough i save alot of money to buy this thing so i hope its worth it...

so come n please support me...anyone in trying to find a cheap dj msg me up at myspace or hotmail...

email: ayin_269@hotmail.com