Friday, May 30, 2008


first of all for those people who didnt get a chance to go to the event you just missed the biggest event in malaysia since tiesto Pit Party even that event cant beat PD Element Of Life. This event compose of three element - Sea, Sun, And Sand the three element that are needed in an event. But skip the lecture about 101 how to organize an event right?

We'll start based on tiesto 9-5-2008;

For me tiesto on the first day aint that blast cause he's like tryin to see how we, us malaysian move to his songs. For the first set of his mix he use a lot of new songs from his upcoming album one that some of us neva heard-off but then we chill listen to the music moved to the music skip that i wanna talk about the second set this is the fun comes in...For the second set tiesto used all of his most TOP HITS song, such as TRAFFIC,LETHAL INDUSTRY(RICHARD DURAND MIX),PIRATES, AND MANY MORE...But the still the best song for the night is still ELEMENT OF LIFE wouldnt u all agree wif me?? for the last set of the night he use some old song from his previous album n other djs album... that night was the best experience for me cause where can you find an event that consume of cool breeze of beach air when your partying??please tell me...cause that was my first experience of cool breeze of fresh air from the sea. Me and the group headed back to our apartment like 2.30 or so cause wanna avoid the road block or any authorities. For the aftaparty was a blast it stated like 3 or 4 oclock like that in finish at 7 in the morning. The most best thing was, we were partying and there was the sunrise OMG..

Here are some picture from the party

For 10-5-2008

For the second day is just pretty much the same but there were some problem at the entry gate. pretty much the event havnt thought of the second day would be flooded wif people from around the asia for the event. So when they re-open the gate they had many problem such as people from the 1st day wanna do a re-entry its hard because new comer and old comer collide in the same row and space..supposedly for me i would open another gate for those who are new comers, then i would be crowded. Then another problem was the body check haiyo!!!!!~~~ they tighten the security because in the first day approximately 500 people got caught because overdose on Ecstasy for me i would agree on the police for catching this kind of people cause they can ruined ur day by vomiting on u or make ur life more burden to take care of them all those kind of sort thing can burden u on an event, think about it. So for the body check they let 10 people for each time of body check some people got to take off their shoe jus to do the body check WTF is that ur just making it more worse and late. People are getting high and more high by hearing songs from cosmic gate...BUT FOR FAR MOST EXTREME IS THE LAST SONG FOR TIESTO IS *ADVANCED* BY MARCEL WOOD

So as far am i concern this event was a please do comment...